we sell our hosting plans at regular price and renew at the same price. the subscriptions and the renewals are at the same prices. we can't cancel your hosting service before 12 months, this is why we request you to please choose the services before registration.


We do no generate the domain services by our own that is why we are not responsible for any price hike or any other domain related issues, however; we would always be responsible for hosting services and we also help you to resolve all your domain related concerns, if it happens in future.


Sub domains are our properties and we are responsible for any concern happens related to it. We recommend users to choose our sub domain to avoid price hike, and get many other benefits, Like- Business Booster Guide, Google analytics and these all benefits are free for one year with any of our hosting services.

Notice-Subdomains are not transferable with any service provider, however; we can provide the contents of your website when you choose to transfer your hosting  services with other service provider. 

thank You for Choosing us

Web development policy

Website development cost involves WAGES, we charge 50% in advance and the rest after development the project. Since this services are not refundable, we request you to please decide before you choose the serices.


Back-up services are the paid services it is not included with the plan, thus we are not directly responsible for the files lost, however we would build your project even better at just 50% of cost.

Renewal Policy

We always try to sustain our services to avoid price hikes in future, however; if, it happens we would give you proper reason to increase the prize of your services.


We will never want to see you go!

However; if incase you decide to transfer of terminate the services, would always assist you with that.